· Gas chromatograph (GC) with mass spectrometer (MS) and ECD detector (AGILENT 5975 GC / MS-ECD). GAS CHROMATOGRAPHER PAH

· Gas chromatograph (GC) with FID detector (AGILENT 1530N GC / FID) combined with thermal desorption system (TDS2 GERSTEL).

· Gas chromatograph (GC) with FID detector (Hewlett-Packard Series 5900) combined with thermal desorption system (CHROMPACK).

· Gas chromatograph (GC) with FPD detector (Varian Star 3400) combined with thermal desorption system (CDS 6000).

· Gas chromatograph (GC) with FID, PID (THERMO) detectors for greenhouse gas detection.

· Portable gas analyser (GC-PID) for volatile organic compounds (ΒΤΕΧ) detection

· Portable gas chromatograph PE PHOTOVAC with PID detector.

· Portable multi-sensor (TVOC, CO2, CO, NOx, HCHO) air sampler (AQ EXPERT)

· Automatic particle concentration distribution sampler (counts/volume or mass /volume) in 14 different size channels (GRIMM 1.108)

· Medium-flow samplers for measuring PM1.0, PM2.5 and PM10 (DERENDA (3), TECORA, LEICKEL)

· Automatic analyzers for sampling of O3 (THERMO 49i), NOx (Environment S.A), SO2 (THERMO43i), CO (THERMO 46i) and NH3 (Environment S.a

· Environmental chamber of 0.30 m3 volume

· Ion chromatography system (DIONEX1100).

· Ion chromatography system (DIONEX5000).

· Measuring system of Organic-Elemental carbon (OC/EC) Sunset Lab.

· High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) system, with UV and Fluorescence Detector.

· Analytical scales (2), with 4 and 6 decimal places (GIIBERTINI E425-B, METTLER TOLEDO MX-5).

· Low-flow VOC samplers (30-250 ml / min).

· High-flow samplers (TSP-particle & gas phase).

· Automatic sampler for particulate matter (R&P TEOM 1400).

· Specially air-conditioned room with controlled conditions (weighing room).