· European Commission Working Group (CEN / TC264 / WG15) on the development of the European Reference Measurement Method of PM2.5 Particulate Matter and the Automatic Reference Measurement Method of PM10 & PM2.5 EN 12341-2014 (2014 - today).

· European Commission Working Group (CEN / TC386 / WG2: Air Purification) on “Photocatalysis: Air purification” Technical Directive (TS 16980) (2013-today).

· Working Group of the European Network ERNCIP TG (European Reference Network for Critical Infrastructure Protection) on Detection of Indoor Airborne Chemical and Biological Agents (2015-today)

COST Action CA17136 ‘Indoor Air Pollution Network-INDAIRPOLLNET (2018-today).

FAIRMODE- Forum for Air quality Modeling (2012 - today).

· Technical Committee 70 of the Hellenic Organization for Standardization (ELOT / TC 70 - Non-Destructive Testing) (2014-today).

· Technical Committee 56 of the Hellenic Organization for Standardization (ELOT / TC 56 - Compliance Assessment) (2014-today).

Member of the Mediterranean Scientific Association for Environmental Protection (MESAEP) network.

Association of Greek Chemists

Member of the Advisory Board of Attica Technology Park “Lefkippos”